After School Workshops

LEGO in Motion: Grades 1–3 or 4–6

Come make vehi­cles that can travel 50 feet under their own power. See if you can cre­ate a vehi­cle that goes the longest dis­tance; pull a heavy load, move like light­ning or crawl at tur­tle speed. Stu­dents will learn how to build: race cars, drag­ster, and amuse­ment park thrill rides. They will use LEGO® pieces that move with gears and a motor. Each ses­sion the teacher will dis­cuss key engi­neer­ing and physics con­cepts and demon­strate how spe­cial LEGO® ele­ments work together. You’ll take home lots of new ideas and fun mem­o­ries, but not your LEGO® creations.


Our after school pro­grams are very suc­cess­ful and afford­able to par­ents. We encour­age par­ents to con­tact their PTO’s and invite us in for a demonstration.

Five to Eight programs

60 minute sessions

$55 per stu­dent for Legos in Motion,

We come with all the tech­nol­ogy and knowledge.

We can cater our pro­grams to fit school schedules

Con­tact Kathy Har­vey for more infor­ma­tion at